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The Park 
Search with up to 65 search engines in this directory. Also has an alphabetical listing of featured sites from job searches to UFOs.
Jacobs USA - SPEED and THUNDER Race Page  Go to CJ's Home Racing Page
Nascar, CART and Indy racing - You pick from actual races who will win each race and score points accordingly. Also has more race links.
NASA Official Mars Pathfinder Mission Web Page NASA's Official Mar's Pathfinder Web Page
Pictures of Mars, the landing site, mission details and dates, and more links.
Radio Station - ARROW 93.1 FM (LA area)  
Rock & Roll from the 70's and 80's - Has trivia, music samples and concert info.
Radio Station - KFI 640 AM
Talk show station 640AM with Art Bell (M-F 11p-3a), Rush (M-St 9a-12p) and KFI on Computers (Sunday 9a-12p)
Official DISNEY Web Page
Great for the kids...  Ok...ok...we like it too!

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