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New Updates on REGAL's Internet Pages

Update 05/08/98: Update 06/09/98:


Update 10/25/2000:
  • Updates META tag keywords to optimize search engine result performance
  • Included main office contact on all pages
  • Used Equipment "For Sale" Page  has been removed do to the lack of use.
  • Main Graphics have been updated and optimized.
  • Under construction  Under Construction  symbols have been removed from the site.
Update 08/23/2001:
  • E-mail support has been modified.
  • Lycos has purchased tripod - support for site not certain!
  • more pending...


Update 12/07/2001:
  • E-mail has been modified.
  • Site still online.
  • Background for Q and A set to white for clarity.
Update 12/17/2001:
  • default.htm and regalmfr.htm forward to index.htm.
  • Home links set to  index.htm.
Update 01/05/2002:  

Shop Photos
Four Cold Trucks in Construction More Frame Work being done
Frames with rustproof coating 430 Bright Aneal and other Gauged Stainless Steel

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