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REGAL - Online Parts List

Regal Catering Truck Bodies, Inc.'s current price list of our parts can be obtained by calling our office at (909)923-2555.


CF-100	Filler goose neck	
CF-101	Urn pressure cap (R28)	
CF-110	Center drain washer F.D.A. Approved	
CF-130	Coffee urn lid	
CF-135	Urn cover knob	
CF-140	Coffee manifold - 4 spouts	
CF-150	Coffee urn face	
CF-170	Coffee urn jacket & cylinder - large	
CF-180	Coffee urn jacket & cylinder - small	
CF-190	Coffee urn measurer - Aluminum	
CF-195	Coffee urn measurer - Stainless steel	
CF-202	Slip coupling	
CF-203	Crock elbow	
CF-204	Crock plug	
CF-300	Drip plate - Louvered p/ft.	
CF-340	Glass tube rubber washer	
CF-400	O-ring shut off knob (29B)	
CF-430	Stainless urn ring	
CF-440	Stainless urn rod	
CF-590	Urn glass tube brush	
CF-610	Urn glass  tube 15-1/2"	
CF-620	Urn glass tube 18"	
CF-630	Urn pipe assembly	
CF-640	Urn rack	
CF-650	Urn thermometer	
CF-660	Urn tube brush - long	

CU-100	Bottom shank with shut off valve (A29B3)	
CU-110	Clean out plug	
CU-120	Coffee urn handle "stem"	
CU-130	Faucet - complete	
CU-140	Faucet chrome brass bonnet	
CU-150	Nut - packing	
CU-160	Teflon steam assembly	
CU-170	Top half faucet	
CU-200	Urn faucet bonnet (seat cups)	
CU-210	Urn faucet handle - coffee	
CU-220	Urn faucet handle - water	
CU-230	Urn faucet pin	
CU-240	Urn faucet spring

CP-100	Tubing copper 1/4" - @per foot	
CP-110	Tubing copper 3/8" - @per foot	
CP-120	Tubing copper 1/2" - @per foot	
CP-130	Tubing copper 5/8" - @per foot	
CP-140	Tubing copper 3/4" - @per foot	
CP-200	Copper Elbow 5/8"	
CP-210	Copper Elbow 3/4"	
CP-300	Copper Tee 5/8"	
CP-310	Copper Tee 3/4"	

BR-099	1/2" Ball valve	
BR-100	Urn chrome brass top plug (#44)	
BR-200	3/8 Brass pipe lock nut	
BR-300	1/2 Brass pipe lock nut	
BR-400	3/8 Tee compression	
BR-440	1/4 x 3/8 Compression male elbow	
BR-450	3/8 x 3/8 Compression male elbow	
BR-460	3/8 x 3/8 Flare male elbow	
BR-465	5/8 x 1/2 Flare male elbow	
BR-470	5/8 x 1/2 Flare male connector	
BR-480	3/8 Flare nut	
BR-483	1/2 Flare nut	
BR-486	5/8 Flare nut	
BR-510	1/2 x 1&1/2 Brass nipple	
BR-520	1/2 x 2 Brass nipple	
BR-530	3/8 x 3/8 Compression union	
BR-540	1/4 Compression brass nut	
BR-550	3/8 Compression brass nut	
BR-560	1/4 Brass farrell	
BR-570	3/8 Brass farrell	
BR-580	1/2 Brass pipe union	
BR-590	3/4 Brass pipe plug square head	
BR-600	Sink drain - brass

PR-005	BASO valve	
PR-010	Propane tank 10 x 32	
PR-012	Propane tank 12 x 32	
PR-018	Thermocouples 18"	
PR-024	Thermocouples 24"	
PR-030	Thermocouples 30"	
PR-036	Thermocouples 36"	
PR-048	Thermocouples 48"	
PR-050	Thermopile 36"	
PR-100	Burner orifice	
PR-110	Deep fry Hi limit switch	
PR-120	Deep fry pilot	
PR-150	HML valve	
PR-160	ITT automatic control (RV18 Automatic)	
PR-170	ITT or Johnson (manual controls)	
PR-180	Pilot orifice	
PR-185	Pilot	
PR-190	Oven burner	
PR-195	Urn burner	
PR-210	Propane fill valve	
PR-220	Propane gauge and float	
PR-230	Propane regulator w/spud nut	
PR-240	Propane shut off valve with handle	
PR-250	Propane valve	
PR-310	Temperature control knob	
PR-320	Unitrol knob	
PR-330	Unitrol valve

GL-100	Glass door 14-1/2 x 18-3/4	
GL-110	Glass door 14-1/2 x 28-1/2	
GL-120	Glass door 14-3/4 x 20-1/2	
GL-130	Glass door 14-3/4 x 32	
GL-140	Glass door 15-1/4 x 16	
GL-150	Glass door 16-3/4 x 14-3/4	
GL-160	Glass door 18-3/4 x 21	
GL-170	Glass door 22-1/4 x 24 (med. Texas)	
GL-180	Glass door 22-1/4 x 24-1/2 (tall Texas)	
GL-190	Glass door 27-1/2 x 14-3/4	

OV-100	Glass door bumpers	
OV-200	Magnetic catch	
OV-300	Oven - 2 door standard	
OV-310	Oven - 2 door tall	
OV-320	Oven - dry	
OV-330	Oven - dry tall	
OV-400	Oven door handle	
OV-410	Oven door hinge	
OV-420	Oven door hinge cover	
OV-430	Oven door stainless bolt/nuts	
OV-440 Oven glass tubes	
OV-450	Oven magnetic striker	
OV-460	Oven snugger	
OV-470	Snugger catch only	
OV-480	Oven thermometer	
OV-510	Regular oven rack	
OV-540	Soup rack	

ST-110	Full size s.s. steamtable pan	
ST-111	Full size s.s. steamtable lid - notched	
ST-120	1/2 size s.s. steamtable pan	
ST-122	1/2 size s.s. steamtable lid - notched	
ST-130	1/3 size s.s. steamtable pan	
ST-133	1/3 size s.s. steamtable lid - notched	
ST-140	1/4 size s.s. steamtable pan	
ST-144	1/4 size s.s. steamtable lid - notched	

HW-100	Bolt - barrel	
HW-110	Bolt - carriage	
HW-140	Cab lock	
HW-150	Center lock assembly	
HW-160	End bolt	
HW-170	Rear door lock holder center lock	
HW-180	Rod	
HW-200	Door handle	
HW-210	Door handle - Heavy Duty	
HW-215	Padlock type door handles #72	
HW-220	Door lock inside with lever - Left	
HW-230	Door lock inside with lever - Right	
HW-240	Door prop ball end	
HW-242	Door prop nuts	
HW-246	Door prop clip	
HW-250	Door prop bracket angle upper S.S.	
HW-270	Door prop lower offset S.S.	
HW-290	Door prop pneumatic	
HW-295	Pneumatic door prop complete	
HW-500	Padlock eyes (2)	
HW-600	Sash balance - 10 lb. ACME Twin	
HW-610	Sash locks	
HW-640	Striker plates - Large Step	
HW-650	Striker plates - Regular Step	
HW-700	Tailgate angle	
HW-710	Tailgate bullet catch	
HW-720	Tailgate end block	
HW-730	Tailgate pads	

HG-400	Hinge - CAD Plated 3" x 72"
HG-410	Hinge - stainless steel 1" x 72"
HG-420	Hinge - stainless steel 2" x 72"
HG-430	Hinge - stainless steel 3" x 105"
HG-440	Hinge - stainless steel 3" x 72"

DR-100	Tailgate skin	
DR-110	Door interior corner pc 18 GA	
DR-120	Exterior door corner piece	
DR-200	Door - rear (Aluminum frame)	
DR-210	Door - service side (Aluminum frame)	
DR-220	Door - storage side (Aluminum frame)	
DR-300	Tailgate	
DR-500	Cold truck door (built on request)	
DR-535	Wood frame (Deduct 35.00)	

EL-010	Battery charger/starter 30/2 Amp, 6/12 volt	
EL-050	Male electric outlet with waterproof cover
EL-100	Back up alarm	
EL-105	Speak back alarm	
EL-110	Buzzer - 12 volt	
EL-130	Alarm door switch	
EL-140	Alarm door switch plate	
EL-150	Electrical solenoid	
EL-160	Fan motor	
EL-170	Fan motor blade	
EL-180	Light duty fan & motor	
EL-190	Fuse block - 6 position	
EL-195	Fuse holder	
EL-200	Musical air horn pump	
EL-201	Musical air horn	
EL-210	Plastic tie - X Sm	
EL-211	Plastic tie - Sm	
EL-212	Plastic tie - Med.	
EL-213	Plastic tie - Lg.	
EL-214	Plastic tie - X Lg.	
EL-402	Toggle switch	
EL-403	Toggle switch - 3-way
EL-420	20 AMP circuit breaker	
EL-520	20 AMP glass fuse	
EL-530	30 AMP glass fuse	
EL-620	20 AMP ATC fuse	
EL-630	30 AMP ATC fuse	
EL-700	Wire nut	
EL-710	Ring fitting	
EL-720	Black tape

LT-100	Back-up light	
LT-110	Clearance light w/pigtail and frame	
LT-150	K. D. oven light	
LT-160	License plate light	
LT-170	Light bulb (regular)	
LT-180	Peterson tail light square	
LT-190	Peterson replacement utility light lens	
LT-200	Pig tails for back-up lights	
LT-210	Red reflector	
LT-230	Tail light complete with pigtail	
LT-240	Tail light only	
LT-250	Tail light oval	
LT-260	Tail light pig tail	
LT-270	Tail light rubber grommet	
LT-280	TruckLite 7" round light	
LT-290	Yankee light	
LT-300	Clearance light - Amber	
LT-310	Clearance light - Red	
LT-320	Fluorescent light cover	
LT-330	Fluorescent light tube (18")	
LT-340	Fluorescent light fixture	

BP-099	Bumper reconditioned (Upon availability)	
BP-100	Bumper with impact rubber strip	
BP-101	Bumper light duty	
BP-110	Bumper Bolts	
BP-120	Bumper bracket	
BP-130	Bumper pad (tail gate pad)	
BP-140	Bumper washer (lock or flat)	
BP-150	Bumper 7/16 nut

RF-004	Service valve #8	
RF-005	Service valve #10	
RF-006	Splicer #6	
RF-008	Splicer #8	
RF-010	Splicer #10	
RF-016	Elbow #6	
RF-018	Elbow #8	
RF-020	Elbow #10	
RF-099	FREON 'R12' gas per oz.	
RF-100	Compressor	
RF-105	Slip on drier	
RF-110	Drier receiver	
RF-115	Drier receiver with pressure switch	
RF-200	Dual fan motor and house	
RF-300	Blower, 176CFM shaded pole
RF-400	Expansion valve 1/4 ton	
RF-500	Hose clamps	
RF-506	Hose #6 per foot	
RF-508	Hose #8 per foot	
RF-510	Hose #10 per foot	
RF-600	Mount drive kit	
RF-620	Solenoid	
RF-700	Plexiglas per square foot	
RF-800	Refrigerator door handle striker	
RF-810	Refrigerator door handles	
RF-820	Refrigerator Thermometer	
RF-900	Temperature control	

BX-101	Box: L 4 to 12 x W 4 x H 3.5	
BX-102	Box: L 13 to 24 x W 4 x H 3.5	
BX-103	Box: L 24 x W 5 x H 4	
BX-110	Condiment box - small	
BX-120	Condiment box - large	
BX-160	Pop tank divider - 18 GA Stainless Steel	

MT-100	Propane skin	
MT-200	Corner post - front	
MT-210	Corner post - rear	
MT-220	Corner post cap - interior right and left	
MT-300	Gray vinyl gasket - per foot	
MT-310	Milk well	
MT-410	Service side panel w/wheel cut out	
MT-420	Side panel lift door	
MT-500	Sash-lock	
MT-600	Shelf standard	
MT-610	Shelf clip	
MT-620	Splash pan	
MT-700	Trash box	
MT-710	Trash compartment	
MT-720	Trash door	
MT-730	Trash door skin	
MT-740	Trash flap	
MT-760	Trash liner	
MT-770	Trash right side trim (between flap/trash)	
MT-780	Trash upper trim	
MT-800	Upper side panel service	
MT-810	Upper side panel storage w/gas cut out	
MT-820	Cuptube 12 to 22 oz.

HT-010	Battery charger/starter 30/2 Amp 6/12 volt	
HT-100	Electric water pump	
HT-200	Electric water heater, 110 volt	
HT-300	2-1/2" sink strainer
HT-400	Slidedrop folding bracket
HT-500	Quick disconnect - socket
HT-600	Quick disconnect - plug 
HT-900	Hot truck door (built on request)	

AB-100	1-1/2" ABS schedule 40 pipe (per foot)	
AB-200	1-1/2" ABS elbow	
AB-300	1-1/2" ABS tee	
AB-400	1-1/2" ABS P-trap	
AB-500	1-1/4" ABS P-trap

MS-101	Bottle Opener	
MS-102	Shelf clips	
MS-110	Fender	
MS-120	Nylon wheels	
MS-130	Rivet	
MS-140	Napkin dispenser	
MS-150	Soap dispenser	
MS-160	Table - Changer	
MS-170	Fresh water tank
MS-180	Waste tank	
MS-300	Solder per stick	
MS-400	Plexiglas slide-ups	

SL-100	Silicon Silver - NSF	
SL-200	Polycarbamate Sealant/Adhesive	
SL-300	Liquid Solder	
SL-310	Tribar solder per stick	
SL-320	Tribar solder per stick - no lead	
SL-330	Silver solder (floss) per stick	

TL-140	Drill bit #11	
TL-150	Drill bit #17	
TL-160	Drill bit #21	
TL-170	Drill bit #30	
TL-200	Wire stripers/cutters	
TL-300	Tin snips - Right	
TL-310	Tin snips - Left	
TL-400	Sheet metal hammer	
TL-410	Vise grips	
TL-420	Crescent wrench	
TL-430	3/8 Open end	
TL-440	1/2 Open end	
TL-450	9/16 Open end	
TL-460	Tape measure	
TL-470	Screw driver - Philips	
TL-480	Screw driver - Straight	
TL-490	Tongs	

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